The Membrane Keyboard Company Ltd

Formed in May 1995,  The Membrane Keyboard Company Ltd (MKC) supply innovative and custom HMI solutions into a diverse range of market sectors. From front panel interfaces (Membrane Keypads & Membrane Keyboards, Capacative Touch Panels, Proximity Sensing Keyboards, Silicone Rubber Keymats, Touchscreens & Graphic Overlays) through to turnkey box build assembly (Fabrication,Backplates,Enclosures,Housings & Electronic Manufacture). We take pride in manufacturing and supplying bespoke products which meet our customers exact technical, functional and ergonomic needs.

For over 20 years our collaborative approach allows us to create long term relationships working in partnership as your interface supplier. From a one off prototype to low, medium and high volume manufacture we can accommodate your requirements by utilizing our factory and technical office based in Fareham, England, or through one of our manufacturing partners based in China and Taiwan.

Our service is tailored around your needs and we run spot buy, stock holding, Kanban, just in case and scheduled ordering systems.Continuous improvement and attention to quality is fundamental to everything we do. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, you can be assured that your product has been manufactured to the highest standards.

Product Focus:PCB Membrane Keypads & Membrane Keyboards


Product Focus:PCB Membrane Keypads & Membrane Keyboards The Membrane Keyboard Company Ltd develop,manufacture and supply PCB based #MembraneKeyboards and #MembraneKeypads which offer a rigid and robust interface with the option for multiple electronic components, connectors and mechanical fittings. Key features: Application defined overlay, adhesive…

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Backlit Membrane Keypads


Backlit Membrane Keypads Create full & selective backlighting by incorporating Side Firing LEDs into a flexible Membrane Keypad. Ideal for light sensitive environments and applications where consistent diode emission is required for prolonged periods of time. Low operating temperature &…

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