MKC-COVID19 Statement

To all of our loyal customers and followers, as of 1300hrs today we will be following Government COVID-19 guidelines and will be pausing manufacturing from our Fareham,UK, factory until 14/4/20.

Sales, Purchasing and Office Staff will be working from home and will still be contactable via the usual e-mail and phone numbers.

Our MD Keith Murray will remain working in the factory for accepting and shipping deliveries during down time.

We are in the process of contacting customers with regards to their open orders.

On behalf of everyone at MKC, we hope that you stay safe and will look forward to seeing you on the otherside of the pandemic.

COVID-19-MKC Update

COVID-19 – MKC Update

In light of the current situation, we are continuing to follow Government guidelines and until we are told otherwise we intend to stay open for the forseeable future.

The longer the situation continues then it is inevitable that delays in manufacturing will occur owing to disruption within the supply chain. We are working closely with our suppliers and customers alike to ensure that any issues are dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

We are currently fully operational, raw material stock levels are good and most importantly all members of staff are fit and healthy.

On behalf of all of us at MKC, please stay safe, think of others and follow Government advice.

New Video Upload:Custom/Semi-Custom Toolless Housing & Enclosure Solutions

Check out our Housing & Enclosure Partners, LTP Group’s, latest video showcasing their excellent manufacturing capabilities.

If you are looking for a custom or semi-custom toolless solution for your next electronics project, talk to us.

We can look after your interface,electronics, housing and assembly requirements with full design, prototype and production capabilities.


Some Of Our Favourite Products From January 2020

January was an unusually busy month for everyone at MKC.

Please take a look at some of our favorite products from January 2020 which have been manufactured in our Fareham,UK, factory. 

Polycarbonate Insulating Layers which may not be pretty,however, these FR rated formed covers protect some very expensive electronics. We produce these in the 1000’s on our platen press and they are used within the power management sector.

MembraneKeypad with various colour single point LEDs supplied fitted to a metal back plate. This is a prototype which will form the HMI of an in car control panel assembly.

PCB based MembraneKeyboard where the customer has used a 1.6mm thick FR4 PCB for both circuity and as a backplate with fitted LEDs, components and studs. This is a first pass sample which we hope will be moving to volume manufacture shortly.

If we can help with your next project, message us here, call us on +44(0)1329 281 091 or e-mail 

061 065 072