New Year , New Design

Does your interface look like something from Back To The Future?

Do you really want to carry on sourcing multiple components from several suppliers?

And that’s all before you’ve got round to assembling your panel. Then there’s paying for it all….

Perhaps it’s time to give your product a makeover for 2017?

Membrane Keypads can reduce supplier count, reduce labour and reduce component count by incorporating multiple elements of the sourcing and production process within a single assembly.

>Replace bulky push buttons with simple tactile domes.

>Free up land on your PCB assembly by embedding LEDs within the Membrane circuit. Why not go a stage further and create a PCB based Membrane Keypad which incorporates your front panel with assembled on board electronics?

>Make your product stand out by creating a dynamic and attractive Graphic Overlay for your Membrane Keypad.

>Receive a final assembly which is ready to plug & play and saves you time and money.

The Membrane Keyboard Company Ltd can offer solutions for new product development and also re-engineering of existing parts. Find out how we can help by reading some of our case studies.


Why not call one of our Sales Team on +44(0)1329 281 091 or e-mail to discuss your requirements?

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